Under ordinary circumstances, running a thriving Afrikan-centered high school for over a decade is quite the challenge.  Now, running that Afrikan-centered high school in Metro Atlanta during a world wide pandemic… well that’s just REVOLUTIONARY!!! During these unprecedented times, Tamu Sana Kanyama Preparatory High School has stood with students and families, holding teacher led daily live lessons, one on one tutoring sessions, college prep coaching and team building activities. And now, T.S.K. Prep is asking YOU to stand with us!

Your contribution of $25 makes it possible for us to keep our focus where it belongs: on providing a quality, holistic, Afrikan-centered education for beautiful black children. You can make it a one-time gift or a recurring monthly donation. Either way, we appreciate your dedication to building and supporting our youth and we thank you for standing with T.S.K. Prep.