(Tamu Sana Kanyama Preparatory Academy is a community based/Non-Profit High School, our goal is to provide an affordable quality educational resource for every family. We offer several bartering opportunities for families in need as well as academic, voice, chess, and archery scholarships)

T.S.K. Prep Fee(s)

(Applications submitted after May 1, 2017 be subject to updated fees)

  • Application Fee: Waived until May 1, 2017 ( $35.00)

  • Registration Fee $150.00

  • Book/Technology Fee $300.00


  • Full Time Traditional  $6000/yr Plus Full Nurture (Social) Package ( $600 monthly)

  • Individual Classes $1,250.00 per credit ($125.00 per month)

  • Home School Support $750.00/yr Plus limited Nurture(Social) Package ($75.00 monthly)

Special Needs services range from $4,000-$10,000.00/Yr based on very individualized needs and circumstances we are trained to deliver Family/Teen Centered Therapy, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy Techniques**; IEP & STP development as needed.