(Tamu Sana Kanyama Preparatory Academy is a community based/Non-Profit High School, our goal is to provide an affordable quality educational resource for every family. We offer several  opportunities for families in need as well as academic, voice, chess, and archery scholarships)

T.S.K. Prep Fee(s)

*10th-12th Grade Applications must be submitted by March 1,  2018

**9th Grade Applications Accepted Year Round


(Applications submitted after July 1, 2018, must be subject to updated fees)

    • Application Fee: $20.00 (Includes ACT Engage Admission Assessment) 

  • Registration Fee $150.00 ($200.00 After June 1st) 

  • Book/Technology Fee $300.00 (Due at the time of Registration) 


  • Full Time Accredited College Prep Program ; $7500/yr Plus Full Nurture (Social) Package ( $750.00monthly)

    • Traditional School Day w/ extracurricular courses and field trips
    • Dual Enrollment Options
    • Culturally Relevant Classroom Experience
  • Individual Classes $1,600.00 per credit ($160.00 per month)

    • One academic course online or in person; optional Limited Nurture ( Social Options)
  • Home School Support $1,000.00/yr Plus limited Nurture(Social) Package ($100.00 monthly)

  • Full Day Home School Collective and Nurture (Social) Package $3,000.00; ($300.00 Month)
    • Daily access to internet, lounge and supplies
    • Drop in or daily attendance options
    • Extra Curricular Activites
    • School Without Walls Friday Community Engagement
    • Connections Academy, GAVS, K12 Students Welcome
    • Physical Education Component (Sponsored by Salvation Army Kroc Center) 

Special Needs services range from $4,000-$10,000.00/Yr based on  individualized needs and circumstances.  We are trained to deliver Family/Teen Centered Therapy, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy Techniques**; IEP & STP  adherence.